Best Grays Field Hockey Sticks 2023

There are plenty of accessories and gear to enhance your experience in field hockey, but none of them is as important as the actual stick. Sure, at some point, chances are you will invest in the right shoes, perhaps some gloves, some carry bags for your gear and so on – one thing at a time. In this article, we have reviewed Best Grays Field Hockey Sticks 2020.

When it comes to the actual stick, there are more factors to take in consideration. You can go with a basic stick from some random brand manufactured in the middle of nowhere or you can choose a stick from a reputable company.

I strongly recommend going with a top brand – they have the funds to do some research, they provide a good service and most importantly, you get quality. There are more names leading the market and Grays is probably one of the best-rated ones.

Grays was established by H. J. Gray in 1855 and has quickly become a top player worldwide, especially in terms of hockey and cricket. But then, what are the best Grays field hockey sticks? Before moving on to the actual sticks, make sure you know what to look for in such equipment.

What to look for in Grays field hockey sticks

I think every stick made by Grays will beat most of its competition, but that does not always make it perfect for you. What works for some people will not necessarily work for you. Just like you have probably guessed already, the length is the most important consideration in the process.

Choosing the best Grays field hockey sticks with your height in mind implies getting a stick that will provide a comfortable feel and the possibility to expose your skills. The length usually varies between 24” and 38”. As a general rule of thumb, a good stick will come from the ground to the top of your hipbone.

The weight carries similar consideration – choose something lightweight if you are an attacker and something heavier to boost your tackles and gain strength as a defender.

But then, how about the actual composition? This is where most people get confused.


Carbon is qualitative, lightweight and stiff. The higher the percentage in the composition of a stick, the more power you will get when hitting. However, too much carbon can alter the control a bit. Generally, this composition is more expensive than others.


Many sticks come with a small percentage of aramid in their composition. Its main role is to absorb vibrations, but also to add durability.


Wood is more suitable for beginners, although many experienced players still choose this material. It does have a few benefits though. Most importantly, it will add to your control, especially when receiving the ball or dribbling. On another note, it is also cheaper than other materials.


During my research, I found lots of hockey sticks based on fibreglass – any kind of percentage, from low to high. Fibreglass is about strength and power. It is also durable and will give the stick a particular fill. Fibreglass is not as rigid as carbon, so you have some forgiveness too. From many points of view, it shares similar characteristics with carbon, but it is more cost-efficient.

I may not be a professional player, but I do know my game. I play field hockey for over a decade. In my opinion, new players should start with a low percentage of carbon (well, 0%) and work their way up as they gain more experience.

Now that you are aware of the most common requirements in buying a stick, what are the best Grays field hockey sticks on the market and why?

Top 5 Best Grays Field Hockey Sticks 2020

Grays GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

Available in a few different black combinations – pink, orange and blue – and three sizes – 34”, 35” and 36”, the GX1000 is one of the first models I have ever tried from this manufacturer. I bought the stick after I already gained some experience.

The stick is mostly recommended to competitive players. It makes no difference if you are new or not – chances are it will support your skills. The stick is made of carbon, aramid and fibreglass. Basically, it provides strength, stiffness, less vibration and lots of control.

The maxi head and toe shape provide an extra surface for hitting, so you also gain more control when handling the ball. It has a balance point of 33.5cm, a stiff power rating and a medium weight. The handle is basic, but it is rough enough to prevent slipping out of your hands.


  • Good size and weight ratio
  • Solid construction
  • Great level of control
  • Excellent for any position


  • Not really the best option for a complete newbie

Grays GX7000 ProBow Field Hockey Stick

The ProBow model is one of the best Grays field hockey sticks for attackers. It is easy to recognize due to its slim and slick design. It comes in three different sizes – 35”, 36” and 38” – and only one colour combination.

The IFA used for this stick aims to absorb impact while providing a soft and comfortable feel. On the other hand, the so-called octogrip ERH ensures comfy use by reducing vibration. You can also use the stick with one hand while still having full control over it.

Given the design, you can count on a perfect drag flick. The reaching area is also improved for dribbling. Plus, you will notice a slightly different style – the blade and head profile are continuous, so 3D skills will become a breeze.


  • Great for attackers
  • Good to show skills and perform tricks
  • Excellent control
  • Soft and comfy feel


  • Only available in a medium weight

Grays Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick

One of the things I love about Grays is the fact they do not overlook players, regardless of their skill levels. This stick is for beginners and youth players. It comes with classic wooden construction, but it also features some fibreglass reinforcement. In other words, it is thin, lightweight and easy to handle.

The shape features a hook toe, so the receiving surface is a bit wider. You get more power when receiving, as well as more stability and control when hitting. This shape is also good for drag flicks. Grays recommends it to beginners, but I think experienced players can also use it in non-competitive games.

Other than that, it comes in a few colour combinations – pink and blue – and pretty much every possible size.


  • Great for a relaxed playstyle
  • Thin and lightweight
  • More surface for hitting and receiving
  • Comes in all sizes


  • Not the best option for experienced players in really competitive games

Grays GX7000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

The GX7000 Composite model is among the best Grays field hockey sticks for maxi players. In other words, it comes in maxi sizes only – 35”, 36”, 37” and 38”. It is only available in one colour combination though.

I used this stick for a while and I must say – it takes field hockey to another level. It is based on carbon and Kevlar, so it is stiff, lightweight and extremely powerful. In my opinion, it is great for a heavy attacker.

The stick features a multi-directional matrix and a perfect ratio of weight and balance. The maxi toe adds to your capability to express your skills on the pitch.


  • More professional composition
  • Excellent for tricks and skills
  • Good balance
  • Perfect grip


  • Available in maxi sizes only

Grays GX5000 Outdoor Field Hockey Stick

Designed for outdoor uses and experienced players, the GX5000 model is one of the best Grays field hockey sticks I have ever used. It has an interesting formula – 35% carbon, 15% aramid and 50% fibreglass.

It is stiff and powerful, but it also reduces vibrations. You have a perfect balance and a great feel. The light one weighs 539g and the medium one is 581g in weight. The bow shape is standard.

Just like all the other Grays sticks on the market, this one meets the 25mm bow FIH regulation, so it can be used in official games.


  • Great for experienced players
  • Lots of power and stability
  • Strength and close to no vibrations
  • Durable


  • Not a good choice for newbies

Final Words

Bottom line, Grays does not fool around when it comes field hockey sticks. You can find something useful regardless of your skill level. There are sticks for beginners, kids, elite, tall or short players. What truly impressed me is the fact that Grays adopts the same high-quality standards, regardless of the stick.

You can buy an inexpensive stick or the priciest one and you will get quality in each of them. Deciding on the best Grays field hockey sticks is up to you though. I introduced you to the best models in my opinion and based on personal experience. Since different people have different skill levels, they obviously require different sticks.

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