Best Indoor Field Hockey Gloves – Why Protecting The Hands is so Important!

While gloves are not mandatory in field hockey, the truth is that more and more people choose to use them. Safety is one of the most obvious reasons – after all, field hockey can get a bit dangerous at times. If you are competitive about it, you have probably experienced a stick or a ball hitting your hands.

Other than that, you inevitably gain some more confidence when you wear gloves. You know that you have extra protection, so you are less fearful when you challenge someone else. In other words, you can get your hands closer to the ground without worrying about getting injured.

Finally, think about the cold weather. Field hockey can be played anytime – the cold season or cold evenings too. You might know how painful it is to experience a shock wave through your hands when striking – keeping them warm will keep you comfortable.

It feels like any kind of gloves could do the trick, but if you are serious about this sport, you want the best indoor field hockey gloves. Therefore, I recommend going through the guide of knowing what to look for, when researching the best-rated products on the market.

What to look for in indoor field hockey gloves

There are more types of gloves out there and each of them has its own characteristics.

No protection gloves

These are the cheapest gloves I could find on the market. They are full or fingerless. They only provide protection against the cold, but there will be no protection against impact. They rarely have any padding, hence the lower price. While useful if you play with your family (less aggression), I do not find them too beneficial. On a positive note, they have a good grip on the palms, so at least you have some stability while holding the stick.

Knuckle gloves

Knuckle gloves are part of the same category – relatively limited in protection and inexpensive. I have tried some of these before, but I was not fully satisfied with their level of protection. They have four fingers – no thumb – and some pads to cover your knuckles. While there is no protection on the thumb, at least you have some freedom in hand movements. There are no straps, so I do not find them to stable during a more intense game.

Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves are not bad. Compared to the previous categories, they have a bit more protection. Some of them do not actually have padding for the thumb, yet you will have a hole to strap them around. They feel stable and to be honest, I found some variations that provide full protection for each finger. Again, they are quite helpful, but they are far from being the best indoor field hockey gloves.

Fully padded gloves

To me, these are the best indoor field hockey gloves – full protection. This is the highest level of protection. If you fall and rub your fingers across the ground, there will be no burning sensations. Get hit by a ball or a stick and you will barely feel the pain. I love these gloves. Sure, they do not provide the same sense of mobility in your hand, but at least you are comfortable and less likely to get injured.

Right or left-hand gloves

Some players stick to one glove only. Whether they are left or right-handed, they cover the hand not holding the stick. After all, the hand holding the stick is less likely to be hit by someone else’s stick or a ball.

Sizing guide 

Choosing the right size can be a bit tricky. There are no universal sizes, but most manufacturers seem to follow some standards – helpful when you shop online.

  • XL size – hand width excluding thumb of 100mm
  • L – 95mm
  • M – 90mm
  • S – 85mm
  • XS – 80mm
  • XXS – 75mm
  • XXXS – 70mm

Now, what are the best indoor field hockey gloves out there?

Top 5 Indoor Field Hockey Gloves

Harrow Double Down Gloves

I will start with the bad news regarding these gloves – they only come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Therefore, if your hands are between sizes, you will not be able to find the right fit. The medium size was perfect for me though.

This set is quite flexible and will not restrict your movements. The gloves come in a black and white combo and they feature high density foam for protection. The back of your hand is not to be overlooked either – the most exposed area.

You have a thick foam padding on the back, which will not interfere with your ability to hold the stick properly. Also, you will love the good grip.


  • Excellent grip
  • Flexible for full gloves
  • Extra padding on the back of the hand
  • Thumb protection


  • Only three sizes

Harrow Field Hockey Glove

Another model from Harrow, another set available in three sizes only. These might be the best indoor field hockey gloves if you want protection without your hands sweating. The palm is ventilated, so it allows some air inside.

Harrow has used high-density foam for protection. However, the thumb is slightly overlooked. Your fingernails will not really be protected either, as these gloves do not cover everything. But then, the thumb hole is reinforced for durability.

These gloves are quite stable or at least this is how I feel. They feature a strap on top, so they are less likely to slip out.


  • Stable on hands
  • Durable design
  • Reinforced thumb hole
  • Thick protection on the back of the palms


  • Not enough thumb protection

Grays International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

Grays has created a glove for those who only want to protect one hand – usually the hand not holding the stick. This model is for the left hand only, so it is suitable for right handed people. It comes in multiple sizes, as well as a few color combinations based on green, pink and black.

The glove is a full finger model. I loved wearing it because it has a perfect fit and it protects everything. You lose all your fears while on the field, so it literally adds to your skill. It is flexible due to its ergonomic design, but protective with its thick foam.

It has a lycra construction and elasticated towel wrist for a secure fit, as well as the innovative Climagrip palm for breathability and great grips.


  • Excellent fit
  • Full protection
  • Adjustable for an even better fit
  • Breathable and solid grip 


  • Not available in a set for both hands

Hummingbird Sports Girls Genuine Leather Lacrosse and Field Hockey Gloves

Available in four sizes and two different designs, the best indoor field hockey gloves from Hummingbird Sports has never disappointed me. It has proper padding across key areas, so it does not have full protection. But then, it covers the exposed areas, which means you are less likely to get injured.

The lack of excessive padding keeps these gloves small and ergonomic, so they will not feel too bulky. You can barely feel them. Other than that, they are made of handcrafted Cabretta leather – great grip and durability. The strap will add to their fit.

When it comes to breathability, full gloves tend to slack – not this model though. The Lycra mesh adds to the ventilation, so your hands are less likely to get sweaty.


  • Good ventilation and breathability
  • Solid Cabretta leather design
  • Likely to last for ages
  • Superior fit


  • Sizes can be a bit tricky

Carhartt Women’s Durable Pro Palm Work Glove with Extreme Grip

Available in more sizes, styles and designs, Carhartt’s best indoor field hockey gloves may not be too fashionable. I thought they look like industrial gloves people wear in warehouses, but once I tried them, I was impressed. They are made from 50% cotton, 42% nylon and 8% spandex.

The grip is extreme – nothing will slip out. When it comes to protection, I was surprised by the injection moulded C grip tar coating shell. These gloves seem to be small and with a perfect fit, but the protection is there, trust me.

The design can also reduce vibration. Other than that, you have wrap cap finger coverage, as well as a pull on closure for stability. They should be hand washed.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Proper protection on the outside of your palms
  • Excellent grips
  • Can reduce vibrations


  • Hands might smell funny if they sweat a lot


In the end, I find it hard to decide which of these models can be the best indoor field hockey gloves out there. I have tried all of them based on their ratings and reviews and I must say – I was never disappointed. I guess it depends on what kind of protection you expect from gloves, not to mention small features that make the difference – grip, level of protection and so on. One thing is for sure though – you are less likely to be disappointed.

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