Best Field Hockey Turf Shoes and Cleats? Quality VS Performance VS Price!

Choosing the best field hockey shoes for your games will inevitably increase your overall performance and reduce the risk of injuries – whether you are just starting to play field hockey or you are already experienced in this sport. Shoes are just some of those must-have accessories.

I will be honest with you – it took me a while to decide to get the right shoes, as I have never imagined what kind of difference they could make. All in all, you get traction, stability, flexibility and overall, a better attitude when you know you have the right support.

But then, there are more types of shoes for field hockey out there. In fact, you will even find shoes designed for other sports that can actually work when you play field hockey. I recommend sticking to specialized footwear if you truly want to feel the difference.

How do you choose the best pair then? Simple – I have already done the homework for you. I will first explain what you need to pay attention to, then I will introduce you to some of the best field hockey shoes on the market – not my opinions, but thousands of people’s reviews.

So, what should you pay attention to?

What to look for in field hockey shoes

Buying the right shoes requires some education. Most people settle for whatever fits their budget. I am not saying you should exceed your budget by too much, but you should definitely opt for quality or your shoes will fail on you in the middle of a game.

Choosing the wrong shoes can cause injuries and will restrict your movements – you will no longer be able to put out the best version of yourself. Plus, you will face aching heels after an intense game. Spend some time to research the market instead and pay attention to features.

Cleats VS Turf Shoes

This is the number one question I receive from new field hockey players.

What is the difference between cleats and turf shoes and how do I know which one to choose?

That question has a simple answer. Turf shoes are used for indoor field hockey or outdoor games on astroturf. They use a rubber grip and not metal spikes like cleats. Cleats use either metal or hard plastic spikes. They are used for playing outdoor games with real grass. Because of the sharp spikes, the shoes make quick turns and dodges during the game much easier and more controlled.


Traction is one of the first things to take in consideration. Of course, traction should be considered with the playing surface in mind, so think about the area you will play on. Your traction is responsible for your grip and can make or kill a game. You do not want something too aggressive to damage the pitch, just like you do not want basic things that will not make the difference.


In order to prevent injuries, the best field hockey shoes will protect certain parts of your legs, such as ankles, knees and feet. You need proper support then. They must maintain their shape over time and provide consistent performance. Supportive shoes will boost your movement too by clearing the risk of immobile feet – a common cause of injuries.


How comfortable are your shoes? Do you know what comfort actually means? For example, quality shoes will be able to absorb shocks. They will keep your feet warm on cold days and allow ventilation on hot days. They will also come with fore and rearfoot gel cushioning. I recommend at least two of these considerations to feel good on the pitch.


Settle for something cheap and you will need to change your shoes every couple of months. Invest in a quality pair and you will have it for over a season. It is just how it works for everything, not just shoes.

My first few pairs of shoes were cheap and poorly designed, but I thought they would work. A few sudden stops or turns and my heels or sides went out through their cushioning. I decided to spend a bit more and I get to keep a pair for over a year. It is not just higher quality, but overall, it is also cheaper.

Now, what are the best field hockey shoes out there and what makes them so popular?

Field Hockey Turf Shoes

Adidas Originals Women’s Fabela X Hockey Shoe

I must admit these shoes looked a bit bulky at first. I was not sure about them, but I gave them a try. They have a great fit and come in all kinds of sizes, including middle sizes. Moreover, they are so lightweight that I felt like I was flying. They are designed for artificial turf surfaces – even low cut grass, as long as it is dry.

The shoes are synthetic and come with a low top shaft from the arch. The weightlessness is given by the rubber sole, which is quite flexible, as well as the textile upper. The upper is also flexible and forgiving, so the fit will never be an issue for you.

The cushioning is impressive. Adidas has come up with a system that gives back as much as you put in. Bring in more energy and you will get even more comfort. The TPU is welded and provides support for impact areas.


  • Highly protective
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great fit
  • Well put together


  • Not too efficient on wet grass

Adidas Divox 1.9S Women’s Field Hockey Turf Shoes

These could be the best field hockey shoes from Adidas. Not only do they carry the manufacturer’s high quality standards, but they also look good – great for a casual walk or even a running session. They feature a traditional lace-up closer for a secure fit, but they also come in all sizes and a few different colors.

I have always put quality and comfort before looks, but I must say – these shoes are not just professional, but they also look good. They feature a textile material and a mesh upper for a breathable experience – cool and dry. You also have an inner bootie construction for a tighter, yet comfortable fit.

The overlays are foil covered for extra protection against water and impacts, while the TPU toe cap prevents injuries and painful sensations after impacts. I will be honest – is there something else I could ask for?


  • Multiple features for a great fit
  • Lots of sizes and several different colors
  • Protection against impacts
  • Breathable design


  • Not too many sizes available for men

Adidas Women’s Fabela X Aqua Yellow Hockey Shoes – SS18

Adidas does not fool around when it comes to quality in its sports shoes. I purchased these shoes for my outdoor sessions – they feature soft spikes on the outsoles, so I had no problems on wet grass. They are just as handy on artificial grass, as they are not too aggressive.

They come in lots of sizes and a few different colors. What impressed me was the integrated sock – a built-in sock that embraces your feet for a snug fit. It is quite flexible and forgiving, so the shape of your feet is irrelevant. Other than that, these shoes are extremely lightweight.

They are mostly based on textile materials. Overlays are synthetic for a boost in durability. They feature just enough protection against hits, but they are also enhanced with the Boost technology – never-ending energy to help you run longer. The more you put in, the more you get.


  • Boost technology for endless energy
  • Integrated sock construction for a snug fit
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Suitable on most surfaces


  • Not too many middle sizes

Adidas Fabela Zone Women’s Hockey Shoes

No, I am not obsessed with Adidas, but from dozens of different shoes I have tried over time, these are probably the best field hockey shoes when it comes to durability, comfort and quality. This pair makes no exception either – it comes in a few different sizes and only one color combination, blue with yellow spikes.

Based on textile materials and featuring an air mesh, they allow air in as you run for a proper ventilation – bye-bye, sweaty and stinky feet! Overlays are synthetic, which means they are stronger and more durable. Their strength supports the overall construction as well.

I enjoyed the EVA midsole in particular. It seems low and basic, but it actually comes with lots of cushioning. It is hard to explain – so thin, but so comfortable. As for the outsole, it is made of rubber. The soft spikes add to stability. They make these shoes ideal on grass. However, they are not too aggressive for fake grass either.


  • Breathable materials for a top-notch ventilation
  • Rubber outsole with soft spikes for an excellent traction
  • Surprisingly comfortable cushioning on the inside
  • Durable


  • No alternative options for men


As a short final conclusion, I guess it is obvious that Adidas makes the best field hockey shoes in my opinion. Do not get me wrong – I have tried, tested and even owned other brands’ shoes as well. You will find some decent options out there – especially Asics and Nike, but nothing compares to what Adidas has managed to come up with.

When it comes to choosing the right model, it is up to you. They are similar in features – small differences in small details though. Chances are most people will base their choice on looks and style.​

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