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Best Field Hockey Sticks – Top Options For All Positions Explained


Best Field Hockey Sticks – Top Options For All Positions Explained

Trying to find a quality field hockey stick and not sure how to decide on the right one? Nothing to worry about – you are not the only one. We have all been there at some point or another. We try to learn from the best and we often make bad decisions when we get sticks that others recommend without doing our homework.

I myself bought the wrong stick just because one of my favorite players was using it, but guess what – it never worked for me. Sure, I could tell it was sturdy and lightweight, but there was just no chemistry. It made my game worse and I kept using it, thinking that I would improve eventually. Well, that is when I decided I have to dig a little deeper.

There are a few steps I had to go through and I recommend you to do the same. First, you need to know what to look for in a stick – make sure you come up with a list based on what you need. Second, you have to research the best field hockey sticks on the market and figure out which one seems suitable for you. So, what do you need to know?

What to look for in field hockey sticks

There are a few general considerations to look for in field hockey sticks. Let’s examine the most frequently asked questions, shall we?

How to choose the right stick?

When it comes to the main things to look for, the size is critical – I will elaborate about size later on. For now, you need to consider the composition. Field hockey sticks come in all kinds of materials. Carbon is one of the top choices.

Carbon is quite stiff, but it will also add lots of power to your stick. The more carbon you have in its composition, the greater your power output will be.

Fiberglass is yet another important material – it adds strength, but it is also durable. It works best with carbon.

Wood is different from these materials, as it is quite flexible and adds some forgiveness. For this reason, I started with wood – ideal when you have no skill. With time, I obviously upgraded.

Now, how about the bow? You have a few different options here:

  • Extremely low – 24.75mm, great for those with good skills
  • Low – 24mm, excellent for extra control in any position
  • Classic – 22mm, suitable for more power and control

Characteristics of a good hockey stick

Sizing is critical when trying to spot the best field hockey sticks. The length can make the difference between a good game and a terrible performance. It should normally depend on the weight. Here is a brief guide of what to look for:

  • Under 4′ in height – 28” in length
  • 4′ to 4’3” – 30”
  • 4’4” to 4’6” – 32”
  • 4’7” to 5′ – 34”
  • 5’1” to 5’9” – 35” to 36.5”
  • 5’10” or more – 37” to 37.5”

The weight is not to be overlooked either. I had to try different sizes myself to figure out what I need and what feels comfortable.

  • 535g to 545g – good wrist movement and skills
  • 550g to 560g – more power and durability

How about your skills?

  • Beginner – great for newbie players, as it helps to build basic skills and control
  • Intermediate – extra control and a bit of power to up the game, suitable for those with a couple of years of experience
  • Advanced – a balance of control and power, as it is a middle option for those with more than two years of experience
  • Elite – the best field hockey sticks for those with more than three years of experience, featuring high carbon content and providing power

Average cost of a good field hockey stick?

Costs of field hockey sticks vary widely from one manufacturer and model to another. Normally, those for children or adults with literally no experience should be anywhere between $20 and $40, depending on whether you want to take this venture further.

If you need something for adults with a bit of skill, expect to pay between $100 and $250. Again, there are more factors involved.

Top 4 Field Hockey Sticks For Beginners

Dragonfly Gecko Field Hockey Stick

Dragonfly Gecko Field Hockey Stick (Green, 32 Inches)
  • Fantastic field hockey stick for those starting the sport.
  • Wood core ensures a soft touch for skill development.
  • Full paint finish and exciting graphics!
  • With superb balance and feel.
  • Improved feel area.

Available in pink and green and with a beautiful design, this is one of the best field hockey sticks for newbies. If you are just starting the sport, this stick will guide you to the next level.

It comes with a wooden core, which ensures some flexibility and forgiveness, but it also allows a soft touch. You can build skill without making too many mistakes.

The wooden build offers a good feeling, but more importantly, new players will experience proper balance as they gain experience. You can get this stick in more sizes too.


  • Durable graphics
  • Forgiving for newbies
  • Improved feel area
  • More colors and sizes


  • Will need an upgrade after half a year to a year

STX Field Hockey Surgeon 50 Stick

STX Field Hockey Surgeon 50 Field Hockey Stick, 30"
  • The STX Surgeon 50 field hockey stick is designed for rookies or first-time field hockey players
  • Features a standard 19 mm bow with a midi toe to enhance ball control
  • 100% Fiberglass construction allows for easy reception and ball control
  • Available in shorter lengths for the rookie player
  • Built for any field position

Featuring a classic 19mm bow for extra ball control and available in three sizes – 26”, 28” and 30”, this stick is excellent for new field hockey players who are just getting used to the game.

It is entirely made of fiberglass. Reception will be a piece of cake, while the soft touch will guarantee for even more ball control.

While generally speaking, the best field hockey sticks are designed for particular positions, the ones for newbies are general, so it makes no difference where you are on the field.


  • More sizes
  • Good ball control
  • Great reception
  • Suitable for all positions


  • Only comes in one color or style

STX Field Hockey Stallion 50 Stick

STX Field Hockey Stallion 50 Field Hockey Stick, 35"
  • The STX Stallion 50 field hockey stick is designed for beginners or first-time field hockey players
  • Features a standard 20 mm bow with a midi toe to enhance ball controlFeatures a standard 20 mm bow with a midi toe to enhance ball control
  • 100% Fiberglass construction allows for easy reception and ball control
  • Built for any field position

Measuring 35” in length and suitable for any position on the field, the Stallion 50 model is one of the best field hockey sticks for beginners and first time players.

Just like other models from STX, it is made from fiberglass for a top notch ball reception. The soft touch of fiberglass also adds to the overall control.

The control is enhanced with a classic 20mm bow as well. It also features a midi toe. Simply put, it is a matter of time until you get the basics of the game.


  • Good for kids and newbies
  • Good ball control
  • Great for ball reception
  • Durable and soft construction


  • Only available in one size and desig

Dragonfly Mystique Sola Field Hockey Stick

Dragonfly Mystique Sola Field Hockey Stick (Yellow, 35 Inches)
  • Fantastic field hockey stick for those starting the sport.
  • Wood core ensures a soft touch for skill development.
  • Full paint finish and exciting graphics!
  • With superb balance and feel.
  • Ebrace the Mystique of Dragonfly!

Dragonfly does not fool around when it comes to field hockey sticks for beginners. This model comes in yellow or pink, as well as seven different sizes – no matter what you need, you can get it in the right size.

As for the perfect material for beginners, I find wood to be perfect. This is what experts say, so this is what I tried. Wood is soft, but it also helps you develop skill and gain some extra control. While fiberglass is not bad, I think wood makes a better option for newbies.

Other than that, the stick feels great as you hold it. It has a good balance, so it will not drag or feel too lightweight. It actually feels like an extension of your arms. Given the price, it provides great value for money – suitable to those who are not sure whether they want to stick to this sport.


  • More designs available, as well as plenty of sizes
  • Great value for money
  • Wooden core for skill development and softness
  • Great for both kids and adults


  • Kids and beginners will need to upgrade as they grow or gain skill

Top 4 Field Hockey Sticks For Forwards

GRAYS SURF 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick

Grays Surf 500 Beginner Junior Field Hockey Stick (Pink, 24 inches)
  • BEGINNER STICK: Our wood composition provides a much more forgiving touch making it great for new players. The light and thin construction aids in developing stick and ball control.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The fiberglass-reinforced Mulberry wood construction provides value and enhanced durability while remaining very lightweight. The Grays youth field hockey stick will stand up to anything you throw at it.
  • MAXI TOE TECHNOLOGY: The Maxi Toe combines the extra receiving surface of the hook toe with the hitting power of the Midi toe.
  • OUTDOOR PLAY: The Surf 500’s traditional Ultrabow blade profile offers a classic bow along the length of the handle and blade. The perfect youth field hockey for outdoor play.
  • LONG-TIME INNOVATION: Since 1855, Grays Hockey has been the choice of many of the world's finest players. It was one of the first brands to launch a composite stick and now offers a wide range of composite and wood sticks.

Available in pink and blue, the SURF 500 model from GRAYS is one of the best field hockey sticksfor forwards. It comes in multiple sizes too – some for adults and some for children. It features a wooden construction, so it is mostly suitable for newbies due to its forgiving touch.

The stick aims to improve ball control and skill due to its thin and light construction. Apart from wood, it also has fiberglass reinforcement. In other words, it is quite durable and will face the test of time.

Unlike other similar sticks in this range, this one comes with the proprietary Maxi Toe technology, which implies a greater receiving surface and more hitting power. It is recommended for outdoor play.


  • Great and durable construction
  • Lightweight and forgiving
  • Can develop skill and ball control
  • More colors and sizes available


  • Not suitable for tall adults

Adidas DF24 Carbon Field Hockey Stick

adidas DF24 Carbon Field Hockey Stick
  • Extra Low Bow with drag flick groove for faster ball acceleration when drag flicking.
  • New 3DHead shape for increased ball control and enhanced 3d skills.
  • 90% Carbon - Carbonplate stiffening technology for better bonding and more integrated stiffness to increase hitting power.
  • adigrip tape combining traditional PU with Chamois-like touch.
  • Touch compound helps to keep the ball under control at the contact point.

This field hockey stick is the upgraded version of a previous release from the same manufacturer. I used the previous model, so I obviously gave this upgrade a try too. Adidas has raised the quality standards with a few technologies and improvements to boost skill and control.

This model is made of 90% carbon. The stiffening technology used in its composition guarantees for superior bonding. You also have extra stiffness, which allows a top notch ball control.

The 3D head shape is one of the new improvements from Adidas. Not only do you get more control, but it also boosts the shooting power. Other than that, the DF Groove technology adds to your precision and acceleration.


  • Greater power and ball control due to a new 3D head
  • Mostly made of carbon
  • Superior ball acceleration
  • More precision and stiffness


  • More suitable to experienced players, so not such a good choice for newbies

Malik Field Hockey Stick Outdoor Multi Curve Platinum

Field Hockey Stick Slam J Blue, Black, and Silver Outdoor Wood Multi Curve - Quality: Pluto J, Head Shape: J Turn (35 Inches Length)
  • POWER CURVES - Light weight high end wooden field hockey stick for youth and junior players. J turn head shape enforces both forehand and backhand dribbling. Classic shape that is ideal for high speed, close control and stick skills.
  • FIBERGLASS PLAYING SURFACE - Glass fiber cover for added strength, durability and feel to the stick. less rigid than carbon-heavy sticks and more economical. Pluto J hockey stick quality that experienced junior players love.
  • COMFORTABLE ULTRAGRIP - Light weight hockey stick designed for attacking players. which allow for a quicker backswing and stick skills. Offers good balance and stiffness to give the player ideal control over the ball.
  • STICK LENGTH - Comes in range of sizes from 24" through to 35". A slightly longer stick will improve your reach while a shorter stick will improve stick handling skills. High quality grip for best control of hockey balls.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - All Malik products come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Youth players and adult hockey game warriors alike will love the simplicity and style of our Malik Field Hockey Stick Slam J. For any reasons you feel disappointed, please contact us.

Known as one of Malik’s best field hockey sticks, this model is only available in one size and color. It measures 37.5” in length, so it is great for adults. As for the design, you can only get it in a black and silver style – not a problem for me, as it looks quite stylish.

The stick is mostly made of carbon – 90%. In other words, it is great for those with experience. Other than that, it is reinforced with fiberglass – 15% – and 5% aramid. It is stiff, lightweight and allows a top notch ball control.

The stick comes with an improved grip – it is less likely to move or slip out of your hands. Other than that, I liked the fact that Malik has also included a free cover in the package.


  • Superior materials in its composition
  • Excellent grip
  • Free bag included with the purchase
  • Lightweight and stiff


  • Some may find the design to be too simplistic

Adidas V24 Carbon Composite Field Hockey Stick

The V24 field hockey stick from Adidas is one of the top options I have ever tried. Adidas carries similar standards for most of its sticks. If you like one of their sticks, you will probably fancy any of them. This model is mostly based on carbon – around 90%. It is stiff, lightweight and allows a great ball control.

It only comes in one color combination – blue, yellow and black. It is also available in one size only. As for the bow, you can count on 30mm. Basically, this stick is for experienced players. Newbies will find it quite hard to control.

As for the game play, I think this is one of the most powerful sticks I have ever used. It has a good touch, a great feel and lots of strength. Main impact areas have been reinforced for durability.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Carbon construction
  • Reinforced for durability
  • Great control


  • One size and one color combination

Top 4 Field Hockey Sticks For Midfielders

STX Field Hockey Hammer 700 Stick

STX Field Hockey Hammer 700 Stick, 37-Inch
  • Designed to be solid and powerful, elevating the defensive player's strength and impact on the field
  • The Hammer 500 features a mega bow, Karakal grip and maxi toe
  • Made from 95% carbon and 5% aramid

With so many options, small details and characteristics to suit every style and skill level, STX is clearly behind some of the best field hockey sticks out there. This model is designed for midfielders and asks for some experience.

It is made from 95% carbon. The rest is made of aramid. It is stiff, yet lightweight and powerful. It can take a good beating, but it will also boost the player’s strength.

The stick comes in three sizes and one color combination only. In terms of technologies, it has a Maxi Toe, a Karakal grip and a mega bow.


  • Powerful and solid
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Adds to the player’s strength


  • Available in a few sizes only

Byte XT2 Low Bow Composite Field Hockey Stick

Byte XT2 Low Bow Composite Field Hockey Stick RED
  • 90% CARBON
  • 24MM LOW BOW

Byte may not be the largest manufacturer of field hockey sticks, but its few models can definitely make the difference on the field. It aims for quality and strength and this model makes no exception either.

The unit is mostly made of carbon – 90%. It is stiff and lightweight. It might feel difficult for a beginner, but it will definitely compliment an experienced player. It also comes with a low bow – 24mm only. You can choose the right size out of three standards.

When it comes to technologies used in its design, you have the KCC anti wear technology for durability, as well as a dynamic core technology to help you expose your creativity.


  • Stiff and lightweight
  • Several technologies
  • Great durability
  • Great for experienced users


  • Only available in a few sizes

STX Field Hockey Stallion I Indoor Field Hockey Stick

STX Field Hockey Stallion I Indoor Field Hockey Stick, 35"
  • The STX Stallion I indoor field hockey stick is designed for all levels of indoor field hockey play
  • Versatile bow shape allows for easy skill execution for all positions
  • Maxi toe enhances control in the fast-paced indoor game
  • Fiberglass construction dampens receptions while allowing the player to maintain power
  • Not intended for outdoor field hockey use

STX can go into the smallest details when it comes to specialized field hockey sticks. Part of the Stallion collection, this stick features similar features, only it is designed for indoor uses only. The pitch surface is irrelevant though, not to mention your skill.

The stick features the Maxi Toe technology, which adds to the ball control in a small and fast paced indoor environment – a must for me. When used outdoors, its efficiency drops. Sure, I tried, but it just feels like it does not belong there.

I also liked the different bow shape, which lets your creativity go wild. It also provides more control. The unit is quite powerful due to its fiberglass construction.


  • Great indoor features
  • Simple skill execution
  • Good control
  • Solid and powerful fiberglass design


  • Inefficient outdoors

STX Field Hockey Surgeon I Indoor Field Hockey Stick

STX Field Hockey Surgeon I Indoor Field Hockey Stick
  • The STX Surgeon I indoor field hockey stick is designed for the advanced indoor field hockey player
  • Designed for the advanced indoor field hockey player
  • Features a late bow with a maxi toe
  • 50% Carbon, 45% Fiberglass, 5% Aramid
  • Not intended for outdoor field hockey use

Being familiar with the Surgeon outdoor field hockey collection from STX, I obviously thought about giving the indoor alternative a try too. We often play indoors, so I needed an appropriate stick. This model is suitable for those with some experience – if you are new, you will not find it too forgiving.

It comes with a late bow, as well as the Maxi Toe technology – a must for indoor field hockey in my opinion. You simply need lots of control in such an environment.

In terms of construction, the stick has 50% carbon. It is reinforced with 45% fiberglass and 5% aramid. It is strong, stiff and solid, but it also allows all kinds of tricks.


  • Good ball control
  • Good value for money
  • Great mix of materials
  • Solid grip


  • New players will find it difficult

Top 4 Field Hockey Sticks For Defenders

STX Field Hockey Apex 50 Field Hockey Stick

STX Field Hockey Apex 50 Field Hockey Stick, Black/Red, 36"
  • Fiberglass contruction allows for easy reception and ball control
  • Midi toe enhances ball control
  • Etz (energy transfer zone) is placed to help beginner athletes learn powerful block tackles and sweeps

The Apex 50 model is one of the best field hockey sticks for defenders. You can perform a good tackle, pass like a pro and benefit from a solid grip. No matter what you try to do, the handle texture will ensure a good nonslip grip.

The stick has a fiberglass build. It is lightweight and provides good ball control, but it also helps during tackles. The ball control is also enhanced by the Midi Toe technology.

I found the energy transfer zone feature to be the best feature of this stick. It helps newbies learn how to block in a firm and powerful way, but it also boosts your sweeps.


  • Strong and powerful tackles
  • Easy reception
  • Lightweight construction
  • Great for both newbies and experienced players


  • Only comes in three sizes – 34”, 35” and 36”

GRAYS GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

GRAYS GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick
  • Features. Carbon adds stiffness and strength for added hitting power; aramid and fiberglass deliver extra strength and reduced vibration; fiberglass enhances control. Maxi head/toe shape features a hook toe for an enhanced receiving surface and hitting power comparable to the midi toe; great for reverse stick control and drag flicks.
  • Ideal for competitive players. 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Weight: Medium.
  • Head Face: Standard. Power Rating: Stiff. Balance Point: 33.5 cm.
  • Handle Construction: Standard. Model: 9050. Made in Pakistan.

You simply cannot overlook the GX1000 stick from GRAYS when hunting the best field hockey sticks. I have used it as I gained experience due to its solid build. It has a medium weight, so it is stable and well balanced.

It is made of carbon, fiberglass and aramid. Carbon is responsible for power, while the other materials clear vibrations and add to your control. To make it even better, GRAYS has implemented the Maxi head and toe technology too.

You need to be quite competitive to use this stick. It can take harsh tackles and will block with no problems at all, regardless of your skill.


  • Great tackles
  • Power and balance
  • Multiple technologies
  • Well put together


  • Handle could have been better

Mazon Black Magic V5 Match Playing Ultimate Control 24mm Mid Bow Hockey Stick

This is one of Mazon’s best field hockey sticks for defenders. I loved the handle the first time I touched it – tapered nonslip design.

The rest of this stick is pure quality. It has a graphite glass shaft and Kevlar core inserts. I felt like playing with an air stick. The response is literally instant.

Other than that, you got a slightly cushioned grip, traction control technologies, no vibrations and a few other technologies to boost your defensive play. To me personally, this stick is out of this world. It takes everything to another level. It only comes in one size though – 37.5”. It is great for grownups and tall teenagers.


  • Lots of advanced technologies in its design
  • Slightly cushioned nonslip grip
  • Fine touch and a great response
  • Close to no vibrations at all


  • Available in one size only

Kookaburra Team Midas Hockey Stick

Kookaburra Team Midas Hockey Stick
  • M-bow2 shaft
  • 4-Core technology
  • Eva reinforced edge

Kookaburra is one of those names with no fancy bells and whistles. Such sticks do what they are supposed to do – give you some control, strength and a good block. This model makes no exception either.

Measuring 36.5” and available in a white, black and green combination, the stick features a reinforced edge for blocks, but it also comes with the four core technology – stiffness, no vibration and full control.

Finally, the M-bow2 shaft is not to be overlooked either. Overall, I used this stick for a few months due to its apparent simplicity and feel. It looks basic, but it brings in power, a compact style and playability.


  • Good feel
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Durable
  • Good for tackles


  • Only available in one size and style


How can I tell which size is right for me?

There are all kinds of theories regarding the size, but generally speaking, it depends on your height. Some people claim the stick should reach your waist from the ground. On a more professional note, you can hold a stick upside down. Insert the head under your armpit, just like a crutch. The stick should end around your knee. If it does, it is the right size for you.

What is the right weight for a field hockey stick?

It depends on your playing style, as well as your position. A light stick can be quite offensive, as you can do lots of slick work in no time. Heavy sticks are more common in defense. You gain strength and flexibility, so you can tackle more securely. However, most players stick to a medium size – a bit of everything.

Are composite sticks recommended to beginners?

No one can force you to avoid them, but generally speaking, they are not indicated to newbies. Instead, they are suitable for more advanced players with some experience. Why? Easy – the rebound is quite big. As a newbie, you will find the rebound hard to control, hence the importance of sticking to more basic things.

Can I find any left handed sticks?

Lots of people overlook this issue. I have a friend who cannot play because she is left handed. Top manufacturers only create right handed field hockey sticks. A few searches over the Internet gave us some results for left handed people too, but they seemed to be made by unknown brands in the middle of nowhere – we decided not to take any risks.


In the end, I have tried pretty much everything on the market – all positions, sticks, materials and styles. I switched sticks as I gained experience and skill – everyone has to do that. Therefore, the best field hockey sticks for me are not necessarily the best sticks for everyone else.

The secret is in researching your needs and being honest to yourself about your skill.


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