Best Field Hockey Stick Bags – What Are Your Top Options?

Once you have the sticks, balls and other equipment for your field hockey experience, chances are at some point you will be sick and tired of moving all the equipment to and from your car. I know what it feels like because I was there – this is when I realized I had to buy a bag for stuff.

Most importantly, you need a bag for your sticks. It sounds like an easy job – how hard can it be to get a bag? However, you cannot just buy any bag. It has to be designed for such sports. Otherwise, having all your sticks rub one against another and banging each other will most likely ruin them.

Best Field Hockey Stick Bags

Browsing the best field hockey bags can be a bit tricky with so many options out there. Some bags are bigger, others are more durable. Some of them come in appealing styles, while others have room for balls too. It sounds hard, I know, but it is not impossible.

Make sure you know what you need upfront. This is my most important advice. Assess your field hockey necessities, know what to look for in a stick bag and make this decision accordingly. Also, I recommend choosing a top-rated product, rather than some random bag.

What to look for in a field hockey bag

Defining the best field hockey stick bags can be challenging because what works for some people will not work for everyone else. In other words, you need to make this choice based on your necessities. Here is what you should ask yourself before moving on.

How large do you want it to be?

If you are like me, you probably imagine that bigger is better – not always! In my case, a bit bigger was better and I will explain why. It depends on how involved you are with this game. If you keep upgrading or buying new equipment, you do not want a bag that will hold what you have right now. Instead, you want to leave some extra room for new sticks – you never know when you might find a good deal or a more professional unit.

What other equipment do you have?

Well, the question is about whether or not you have a bag or a backpack for other equipment. If you do, then you only need a bag for your sticks. Otherwise, you might want a bigger bag to hold everything in one place. You might need room for your shoes, balls or special socks, not to mention other pieces of equipment you use. Once you have these details, you will be able to narrow down your options – stick bags or proper backpacks.

How about design and style?

What kind of special features do you want your bag to have? Some of the best field hockey stick bags are made waterproof. They can keep your phone, wallet and clothes dry during rainy days.

Other than that, some people prefer zippered bags. Personally, I like drawstring bags. It is all about personal preferences. The same rule applies to the actual design and style.

Pay special attention to the straps and build. Would you like a bag with several strings or straps to carry like a backpack? How about a model with a single strap to keep on your shoulder? Again, it depends on what makes you more comfortable.

All in all, with these aspects in mind, you will find lots of potential bags. I recommend going with a reputable brand and a quality product or you will end up buying new bags every few months. So, what are the top products out there?

Top 5 Field Hockey Stick Bags

Let’s check out the top 5 field hockey stick bags, shall we?

STX Field Hockey Prime Stick Bag

STX is a top field hockey brand. I bought some sticks from them in the past and I was happy with the quality, so I gave one of their best field hockey stick bags a try too. This model comes in a few different designs and styles – hard to choose the best one, but I went on with electric blue.

It has a tubular shape. It can take multiple sticks, depending on their size. I used it for five sticks and it worked out well. You also have room for other equipment, such as shoes and other gear. It is quite complete for a stick bag.

A side mesh pocket at the bottom is excellent for small things. You can use it for your shoes or perhaps a bottle of water. As for carrying it, it has a middle shoulder strap.


  • Vibrant designs to choose from
  • Lots of room inside, despite the tubular shape
  • Exterior pocket for other things
  • Built to last forever


  • Carrying too many sticks will not leave too much room for other equipment

GRAYS Performa Field Hockey Training Bag

GRAYS often competes against STX in terms of field hockey equipment, yet I find them quite similar in quality standards. This bag is entirely made of nylon – safe and durable. It will most likely last for ages. Also, the bag comes in a few different colours.

Given its size and spacious interior, the bag can easily store around four sticks. You can also use it for other equipment, such as shoes. It comes with a large zippered pocket and small zippered areas for valuables.

Straps are adjustable and make carrying this bag a breeze.


  • Spacious, yet compact
  • Multiple pockets for large and small things
  • Can take other field hockey equipment too
  • Multiple styles and colours


  • Not suitable for families with lots of sticks

Mazon Z-Force Combo Field Hockey Stick Bag

If you want size, this unit is one of Mazon’s best field hockey stick bags. Practically, you have a 14L volume and great value for money. It is not just a stick bag, but a stick and kit combination bag for all your stuff.

I liked the large pockets – two of them – for various things like clothes, balls, socks and even valuables – phone, wallet and others. The zippers are heavy duty and durable, while the base is reinforced.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap – padded for comfort. You also have a few different colours to choose from.


  • Lots of room for sticks
  • Multiple compartments for other pieces of equipment
  • Reinforced base for durability
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Water-resistant, but not waterproof

Byte ZX Field Hockey Stick Bag Black Blue

Available in a black, blue and white colour combo only, this is probably one of Byte’s best field hockey stick bags. It is one of those relatively simple bags designed to get the job done – no random bells and whistles that only increase the price.

Apart from the spacious interior, you have a mesh side pocket for a bottle of water or perhaps your shoes. You also have two front pockets for balls or valuables. The padded breathable strap is comfy and nice to wear.

As for the bottom, it is reinforced. There is also a secret top pocket – I call it secret because it is small. I use it for keys and my phone.


  • Plenty of pockets
  • Spacious interior
  • Designed to last
  • Reinforced bottom


  • No other colour combinations and styles

Byte Field Hockey Tour Stick Bag Red Navy

This model from Byte makes a good alternative to the previous one if you do not like the colour combo. Features are relatively similar though. It is one of the best field hockey stick bags I have ever used – durable, spacious and fully featured.

Unlike other models in this segment, it can take not less than six different sticks. If you have smaller sticks, it might go up to seven. Do not force it through or you can damage it. Apart from the sticks, you can use it for other equipment too.

The bag comes with a massive side mesh pocket for a bottle or maybe your shoes. You also have two large pockets on the front, as well as a small one for valuables on the top. Mesh straps are padded and breathable – extremely comfortable.


  • Big stick capacity
  • Multiple pockets for equipment
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Durable


  • It could do with a few more pockets on the sides


As a short final conclusion, browsing the best field hockey bags out there is a bit confusing. You find similar features, so it looks like you should only look at the price and style. Sure, these factors do make the difference, but at the end of the day, pay special attention to the size and pockets. Keep in mind that the bag must match your personal necessities and not the other way around.

While I have tried different bags in this segment, I must say that each of them has its own particularities that make it unique. Some might say it is a matter of personal preferences, but I do believe in the power of proper research.

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