Best Field Hockey Grip Reviews – Best Models Tested and Reviewed

While on the hockey pitch, the stick is the main weapon used to either block attacks from the opponent or to charge. The field hockey stick is basically your most valuable asset with the power to spell the difference between success and failure.

Given this importance of the hockey stick, it is expected from a wise athlete who wants to take optimum care of the stick to ensure that it doesn’t fail you while you’re feeling the heat of battle. The best way to ensure that you can easily manoeuvre your ball with the stick without losing your hold is by taping the stick with one of the best field hockey grips.

The hockey grip/ shaft/ handle is the is a high-tack tape or grip that is typically featured at the top end of the hockey stick to enable you in swinging and manoeuvring the stick. The grip will also help you in providing extra shock absorbance.

There are various types of material used for hockey grips as well as different choices on the market. In this piece, I will review the best field hockey grips on the market, stating their perks and quirks.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Field Hockey Grips

A good grip will help you maintain a handle on the stick which will, in turn, help you control the ball. The grip also provides cushioning for players’ hands against vibrations and jarring when slapping, hitting or trapping the ball.

Picking the right grip is crucial as it has an incredible impact on the feel of the hockey stick. For this reason, there are some factors you have to consider before making the final decision on any field hockey grip.

Types of Field Hockey Grip Tape

You have to decide which of the field hockey grip tape will work best for you. There are three main types, and they include Chamois, traction and cushion. The main advantage of chamois is that it performs impressively in wet climates, and provides good control.

Traction is the all-rounder which works well in dry weather and guarantees great performance. The cushion is the best at reducing the stick vibrations on your hands while hitting. On the other hand, you can decide to choose the natural rubber models as guarantee an improved puck feel, better accuracy and shot power, and they save gloves repair money.


It is important to check the warranty on the hockey stick grips before you make the purchase. Most hockey stick grips on the market do not last for long.  The joy of getting one of the best field hockey grips lies in seeing it withstands weeks and even months of daily use. With a warranty, you can be doubly assured of the quality and durability of a stick grip, and if any issues arise, you can always contact the manufacturer.


You should learn the application process of a stick grip before purchasing it. This is why it is essential to go through reviews such as this before making a purchase. For instance, the top best field hockey grips which are reviewed here all have easy application.

Some are even self-adhesive such that you don’t have to go through the whole process of applying adhesive. Failure to factor this in might lead you to purchase a field hockey stick grip that you can’t singlehandedly install.

Top 4 Field Hockey Grips

Hockey Shipper Grip Tape

After using grip tapes that make my hands slip off the stick, I am convinced that the grip tape you have attached to your field hockey stick can affect your game drastically. I think it is quite unfortunate that when you purchase a new hockey stick, the accompanying stock grip isn’t the best, and it doesn’t provide you with the desired comfort or control.

However, I fell in love with the Hockey Shipper Grip Tape when I discovered that it helps players to get the most value out of their sticks.

Designed with top-notch quality rolls of grip tape (black coloured), this Hockey Shipper grip tape is water-proof and self-adhesive. It is a latex tape that is perfect for the handle of the hockey stick, and not for the stick blade. With this grip tape, you can safely say goodbye to the fear of losing control of your hockey stick while on the field. You can win the game with confidence with this hockey grip tape!


  • This grip tape is self-adherent, meaning that the tape sticks without the need for an adhesive
  • It provides tackiness and cushion
  • It lessens the wear on the gloves and prevents calluses from forming on the hands, all which comes from holding the stick for long.
  • Can also be used for hunting, fishing, the grip of baseball bats, and it doesn’t stick to the skin.
  • It is grippy, soft, and remains clean


  • It is available in only colour black

GRAYS Traction Plus Grip

I’ve also discovered that if you want an all-rounder grip tape that’ll provide you with optimal cushion and friction, the Grays Traction Plus Grip is the best there is. Traction is one of the main types of field hockey grip tapes, and it is commonly referred to as the all-rounder grip type.

Based on its design, the primary purpose of the traction grip is to ensure that your hand doesn’t slip off.

This grip tape is popular because when you have it on, you are guaranteed to get maximum friction. If you are getting into the competitive world of field hockey, then this GRAYS Traction grip is perfect for you.

Surprisingly, this grip unit is sold at an affordable price, even with its top-quality features. This product is designed with a dimpled material that provides extra stickiness and friction, yet still offering a comfortable feel.

This design is specifically done to improve the control you have over your fingertips. Even when you sweat, this unit remains locked in place.


  • Guaranteed comfort and friction
  • It is very easy to apply
  • Provides a firm grip
  • Includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Some users still complain that the price is a little on the high side

Mazon Cushion Plus Field Hockey Grip

The Mazon brand is regarded as the most popular field hockey brand in Australia for a reason. Their field hockey products are renowned for their top quality, and durable construction that make players victorious on the field. Mazon understands the importance of the hockey grips, hence the top quality of this Mazon Cushion Plus Field Hockey Grip.

While researching and testing, I noticed that this product actually has a Hi-Soft texture that enables maximum shock absorption and cushioning. With this, you can avoid feelings of discomfort when you grip your hockey stick.

Also, it reduces the impact when your stick is hit by an opponent team player. This Mazon grip unit is designed to give you a firm grip, increased traction and control with its super non-slip surface pattern.

Even in water-logged grounds and wet climates, you can be assured that this product will still work great.


  • It has a great texture
  • This unit is very comfortable, and the extra cushion sure adds to this feeling
  • This Mazon grip can be easily applied even by kids
  • It is extremely durable, it holds up well even after weeks of daily practices/games, and shows no signs of unravelling
  • It is available in multiple colours


  • Some users have complained of inconsistent pattern

Buttendz SENTRY Goalie Hockey Stick Grip

When I heard that the Buttendz stick grips are all designed by someone who once played hockey at the professional level, I was very interested in testing it and it really performed beyond expectations.

The Buttendz SENTRY is the first Goalie knob of the brand. Using this, you’ll no longer have a need for the cloth-tape kind of grips as this is a top-notch quality of hockey grip made with natural rubber.

Currently, this Buttendz grip is being used by pro goalies in NHL and KHL. With a 6.5 inches grip length, 19 mm knob width and 12.5 mm thickness, this unit is sure worth your money. This unit provides an improved puck feeling, as the natural rubber elasticity absorbs all the energy that your hockey stick receives from a blade puck.


  • The grip dampens stick vibrations, making it easier to catch hard passes.
  • The natural rubber doesn’t wear out easily, and it lasts through months of consistent use
  • It offers better control and feel of the hockey stick
  • Saves time as it only needs to be applied once.


  • There is a period of initial adjustment when your hand gets used to the new grip
  • It is thicker than the regular tape


There are numerous field hockey stick grips on the market today, and as such, you have to consider different angles before choosing any particular grip. I have highlighted some of the top best options that you can choose from.

The Hockey Shipper Grip Tape is one of the best as it is a self-adhesive tape with features that ensure that you are at your best while you perform. The GRAYS Traction Plus Grip is one of the best and most popular for a reason. It is of topnotch quality, and it keeps the player in control at all times.

The Mazon Cushion Plus Field Hockey Grip offers impressive comfort even while ensuring that the players remain in control. On the other hand, the Buttendz is not a grip tape, but a natural rubber grip with features that save both time and money.

If you have comments or questions on the grips on my list, you can leave them below.

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