Best Field Hockey Goggles Of 2020

Hockey is a fast-paced sport, and this requires protection for vital parts of the body. The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and as such, need special attention, especially during rigorous activities like sports.

Whether you are a beginner in the games or you are a seasoned player, it is crucial to get the necessary protective gear for your eyes. Luckily, these goggles have evolved over time and are now made more stylishly to accommodate your needs.

Best Field Hockey Goggles

I have extensively tested a good number of hockey goggles and 7 mock matches, 1 minor scrape and 3 breakouts after, I have a list of top 5 glasses of 2019.

What To Consider When Buying Field Hockey Goggles

Before I go on, here is a list of factors I think will aid you as much as it helped me while testing the field hockey goggles.


Field hockey goggles are available in two types: clear lens and wireframe. The clear lens is a plastic material lens that is clear or may have a prescription if need be. Wireframes are made of metal and are also recommended for hockey.

However, considering your choice of protection, I recommend that you go for clear lens instead of wireframes as wireframes may lead to injuries on impact and may be a hindrance to peripheral sight.

As much as protection is essential, I also advise you to find out the rules governing the match to be played and in the specific area as rules may differ on the acceptability of the goggle being used.


Goggles are used to protect the eyes, and an ill-fitting one will only be a hindrance to you as the game progresses. This is why it is essential to opt for fitting glasses that stay on the eyes without moving. Therefore, whether you go for the clear lenses or metal frames, it is crucial to test the fit before using it on game day.


Similar to all sports gear, field hockey goggles are meant to be durable and withstand impact from players. It should be able to stay while being hit with balls or human impact.

When picking out wireframes, I ensure that the frames are comfortable on the skin, not leaving too much of an effect on the skin. The clear lens should also withstand being hit with hard thrown balls without cracking.


It is vital for sports gear to be on the light side, without causing players any extra strain to carry while playing. Goggles must also be lightweight and user-friendly.  Lightweight material like silicone should be used on glasses, as well as padding for resisting moisture while playing.


Field hockey goggles should enable you to see still as though there is no obstruction to their line of sight. Sometimes, a clear lens is worn over prescription glasses; therefore, vision should not be impaired.

I encourage thorough testing while buying one; I usually walk around with the glasses on, while checking if I can see perfectly well.

Top 5 Field Hockey Goggles – My Quick Overview

STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggle

STX 2See goggles are wire framed goggles and save you the stress of foggy glasses in the case of using a clear lens. It is a form-fitting frame, and while testing gave me a comfortable fit and enabled me to see without blocking out the peripheral vision.

STX 2See has openings on the two extreme sides, giving you a clear view of your sides. It also has silicone padding that is not sweat-absorbent and easy to clean after use.

It also comes in bright colours and is easy to use, durable because of its silicone material used and lightweight. This hockey goggle meets the requirements for field hockey and lacrosse; so it has dual purposes.


  • It comes at a reasonable price range.
  • It is made of sturdy material.
  • Doesn’t obstruct the player’s vision.
  • Padded with silicone, hence, soft pressure on the face.
  • It meets the ASTM F213-09 requirements for field hockey and ASTM F803-03 for women’s lacrosse.


  • Prescription glasses cannot be worn underneath the wireframe.
  • Might be uncomfortable for sensitive skin.
  • It might be too tight and may require customizing.

STX Lacrosse Women’s 4Sight Focus Goggles

This is easily one of the most popular goggles as it has a reputation for being lightweight and comfortable. It has a patented oval wire design and a less heavy frame that aids visibility. It also fits me snugly while testing out.

This product caught my fancy while going through a series of wireframe because of its sleek build that gives adequate protection to the eyes and the nose. However, my favourite feature is the adjustable strap that makes it customizable.

I also recommend this frame for you if you are looking for a frame that will not lead to breakouts; the silicone padding on this frame stops it from sliding off during a game. It also has a simple build that aids visibility without obstruction. Another reason I give this brand a plus is a fact that the bands are washable. The 4Sight Focus goggle also conforms to the ASTM F803-03 regulations for US lacrosse.


  • It possesses a lightweight feature.
  • Conforms to the ASTM F803-03 regulations.
  • Resistant to moisture and sweat.
  • It possesses an adjustable band.
  • It fits snugly.


  • Prescription glasses cannot be worn underneath.
  • It comes a bit too narrow for players with wider heads.
  • It is only comfortable with young players.

STX Field Hockey Youth 2See Goggles

STX has always been a top pick for me because of its wide range of products and the comfort one experiences while using these goggles. Youth 2See also has a form-fitting feel to it and silicon padding; this is very important as I am totally against frames that absorb sweat and moisture.

Breakouts were not noticed as I found it easy to clean. When using these goggles, I was able to see my sides as well as my front without any obstruction. It has a unisex build so both boys and girls can make use of it effectively. It also meets the ASTM F2713-09 standard for women’s field hockey. I personally recommend this goggle for young players, especially between 10 years old and younger.


  • Simple design that allows clear vision.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Complies with the ASTM F2713-09.
  • Recommended for young hockey players.
  • It possesses silicon padding.


  • It is only suitable for young players.
  • You cannot pair with prescription glasses.
  • The straps are too long and may need to be tucked in.

STX 2See Pro Titanium Adult Field Hockey Goggle

STX 2See is designed with an appropriate form. While wearing the Pro Titanium, my peripheral and forward vision was so clear while it felt weightless. If you want a barely-there goggle, then I will recommend the Pro Titanium goggle.

It is made with titanium; which makes it lighter and more durable than steel or other metals that are typically used. The wire configuration of the pro titanium is another feature that stood out, as it is uniquely made and gives you a view of your sides. It is also made to withstand impact as it is made with titanium wire.


  • It has silicon padding for added comfort and fit.
  • Made of lightweight titanium.
  • Has a low profile design to avoid obstruction of your line of sight.
  • It doesn’t absorb sweat and moisture.
  • Meets the ASTM F213-09 and ASTM F803-03 requirements for both field hockey and lacrosse.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It takes a little getting used to before the vision can adjust.
  • The sizes are a bit limited.

Bangerz Hs-3000 Eye Goggles

I am personally not a fan of the clear lens for hockey games, but HS-3000 made it to my list because of its shatter-resistant glass. The lens is constructed to stay even when struck; made from polycarbonate materials which ensure the durability of the lens. I also appreciate the curved build of the glass, which gives an excellent view of the peripheral and front view.

Another feature of HS-3000 is the shock absorbent brow bridge; suitable for protection of your eyes and nose in case of hard play. It also meets the ASTM F803 standards. The head straps are also made of absorbent material to absorb sweat that may tend to roll down your face during play.


  • The shatter-resistant lens gives protection during a game.
  • The lens is made of polycarbonate material.
  • Possesses a curved shield-like design for an optimum vision of all directions.
  • It has a padded nose protector.
  • It comes with a protective and micro-fibre lens cleaning pouch.


  • It fogs up as soon as you start sweating.
  • The band may be too restricting.
  • It cannot be made to prescription.

And the winner is…

As much as I have been able to test these hockey goggles, I will still advise going through the buying guide before choosing the best pick for you. However, I rate the STX 2See Pro Titanium as my favourite with 4.8 on a scale of 5, closely followed by STX Lacrosse Women’s 4Sight Focus Goggle with 4.6 of 5.

Third place is snugly occupied by STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggle with 4.3 of 5. STX Field Hockey Youth 2See Goggle and Bangerz HS-3000 fill the same spot both with 4 of 5 stars.

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