Best Field Hockey Cleats for Men – Top 5 Players In The Game

Hockey is an exuberating sport that requires a lot of running; be it in a diagonal direction or in a straight line. It could be done indoors or in a field, so whether you are interested in field hockey or the indoor version, it is vital for you to pick the right running shoes. I am quite particular about my cleats and have taken out time to test different brands and come up with a list of my favourites.

Hockey cleats, just like soccer boots posses studs at the base of the shoe to give a better grip while running on the field. These studs come either made of metal or plastic, all effective for running on grass.

What To Look For When Buying Hockey Cleats


It is always awkward seeing someone walk around with tight shoes, it gets worse when you are expected to run around with one. Oversized shoes are just as wrong as tight-fitting shoes, they are uncomfortable and may end up wearing out quickly.

While selecting cleats, I was quite particular about the size, for obvious reasons, firstly, I have big feet, and my pace will be significantly reduced.  Picking the right cleats for you requires you to know your size and choose shoes that are not too tight and shoes that are not ill-fitting. Tight shoes may slow you down and cause blisters while loose shoes may fall off while running. I made sure that there was a little space of about an inch between my big toe and the rest of my toes.


Cleats come in three varieties: high, mid and low. High cleats are made to go beyond your ankle, thereby giving you more comfort. Mid cleats stop between your ankle and the rest of your leg; They give you extra support without restricting you. Low cleats stay right on top of your ankle; this gives a light feeling and may come in handy when you want to run faster, as it is made with less material than the other types.

I am bias to low cleats and almost checked out only low cleats, but I had to try the different two types out for want of a better result. If you have an ankle injury, it is best to go with a high top cleat. However, I advise that you buy at least two types; to give you choices.


This is usually a buyer’s first priority. Nobody wants to buy something they will use just once. Hockey players are known to play different seasons and will obviously not have the luxury of shopping for shoes every season.

While buying cleats,  I check the soles to be sure they are hard enough to the point of not being able to bend it in half, even if I tried with all my might.


You should check the material, the cleats are made of. Cleats are often made with waterproof and lightweight material. However, some cleats are made with fewer quality materials, and these may come as a deal-breaker; it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that it is lightweight as this will enable you to run faster. Waterproof materials are also essential as feeling moisture through your shoes is uncomfortable and may lead to health issues related to cold.

Top 5 Field Hockey Cleats

ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Cleat

ASICS is a household name when it comes to sports gear and, even trainers. This cleat boasts of a 100% synthetic materials build and is made with rubber soles and grips; these grips are placed strategically to give you balance while running.

I was particularly impressed with the 10mm heel gradient of the GEL-Provost, and this is a plus for flat-footed individuals. It is also made with lightweight material with a comfort conscious model that enables you to remove the insole.

I also love the polymer material, which is a solid plastic that lines the outsole and ensures durability. Shin injuries can be avoided while using this cleat as the heels come with gel cushioning.


  • 100% synthetic material
  • It is made with breathable fabric, especially the insoles.
  • Polymer-made outsoles.
  • Removable sock liners
  • Possesses gel-cushioned heels


  • It is not stylishly made as some other brands are.
  • It comes in bigger sizes and may not fit small feet.
  • It is a bit difficult to find in walk-in sports gear shops.

ADIDAS Mundial Team Shoes

I am a massive fan of the Adidas brand as they are known for manufacturing quality and stylish sports gear and kit. The Mundial Team Shoe is no exception. With its leather body, it is easily one of the stylishly made field hockey cleats available for men.

This cleat comes with a rubber sole with grips that gave me an increased level of grip. This was the most comfortable shoe I tried on, and I also recommend this shoe as a turf shoe; this is because of the traction it gives.

I also felt a cushioned effect as insoles are cushioned with soft, breathable mesh. If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable and useful shoe for running across a hockey field, the Mundial Team Shoe is for you.


  • Comfortable while using because of its cushioned insoles.
  • It is sleekly made with suede and leather material as well as a soft synthetic lining.
  • High traction effect on the turf.
  • Lace closure
  • Possesses an extended tongue


  • Shoes may be too narrow and not comfortable for wide-footed users.
  • It is not as durable as other Adidas cleats.
  • It doesn’t have excellent traction on a wet field.

Warrior Lacrosse Men’s Cleat

The warrior lacrosse men’s cleat was another attractive cleat I couldn’t help but try out because of its sleek, yet, sturdy build.  It is built with 100% synthetic leather, even down to its sole.

While using this shoe, it gave off reinforced stability and traction; this feature is an added advantage because of its thermoplastic polyurethane; elevated in the midsection of the heel.

Grips are an integral part of cleats, and I noticed that the warrior lacrosse cleat comes with this feature; even down to the midsole; this gave me a smooth movement, especially on turfs.


  • Possesses a synthetic sole.
  • Made with lightweight material.
  • Improved traction due to its thermoplastic polyurethane pegs.
  • Reinforced stability because of the elevated thermoplastic polyurethane at the forefoot and the heels.
  • Fitted with triad flex system at the forefoot of the cleat that aids free movement.


  • It does not come with lace closure.
  • The sizes are limited.
  • It may not be suitable for wide footed individuals.

ADIDAS Men’s Zone DOX Cleat

This cleat is one of the exciting-looking shoes, with a burst of exciting colours and a rugged design. It is made with breathable material and has a weightless feel. This cleat is durable and helped me to run as fast as possible; it was so comfortable, it felt like I was running without shoes on.

Its sole is incredibly layered with grips that come in handy on a field. Mobility is easy with the DOX cleat as it is built for speed and comfort. This shoe also gives an increased level of traction; this is why I recommend it for beginners. It also comes with a heat-reflecting layer, which was my favourite feature; it provided warmth to my feet after an extended play.


  • 100% synthetic
  • Possesses a rubber sole.
  • Its upper is fitted with mesh and synthetic material that aids breathability as well as supports the user.
  • Possesses a high level of stability and lightweight feature because of its SPRINTFRAME construction.
  • Its outsole comes with grips for increased traction, suitable for beginners.


  • This is not the best pick for you if you are on a tight budget.
  • It has a limited range of colours to pick from.
  • It is a bit too narrow.

NIKE Men’s Huarache V Lax Cleats

Nike is a name that comes to mind whenever you think of classy sportswear and kit; so little wonder that it made it to my top 5 cleats of 2019. Nike Huarache at first wasn’t so attractive, but after using it, I believe the saying; never judge a book by its covers.

This cleat was built for comfort, and it gave enhanced mobility. It is made with lightweight leather material and is excellent for the game of hockey. The fit it gave me was that of total stability and lockdown, no matter the game being played. The midsole of the Huarache is made of phylon and possesses comfortable padding and protects the foot and ankle as it is a high top cleat.


  • It has a ¾ length wedge midsole made of phylon; ensuring a cushioned effect.
  • The soles of the Huarache are TPU outsoles and are exceptionally lightweight.
  • Increased traction with twelve cleats placed at strategic points.
  • Mobility is increased when using this shoe as it is a featherweight.
  • Comfortable padding even at the midsole.


  • It has a limited size range.
  • It is made with a bit too much plastic material.
  • It was not stylishly made.


After a series of blisters and falls, my top pick for the most stylish build is the Adidas Men’s zone DOX field hockey shoe, with its popping colours and sleek design. The most budget-friendly cleat is the Warrior Lacrosse Men’s cleat with its affordable price.

The cleat with comfort as its priority is the Adidas Mundial Team Shoe with its rubber soles and breathable insoles. I hope this review has been helpful, and the guide will aid you in choosing the right cleats for you.

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