Best Field Hockey Backpack – What To Look For & Top Products Reviewed

Whether you own one or 10 field hockey sticks or you have plenty of equipment for your entire family, you probably know already how daunting it is to carry everything in your hands. Whenever I and my friends used to go play, we had to transport everything to our cars in a few different trips.

With time, we got so deeply into this game that we decided to invest some more and do it properly. So said, so done – we got ourselves some nice backpacks to hold our equipment. We put everything in when we are done playing and we leave it in my house until the next time – what can be more convenient?

Best Field Hockey Backpack
Best Field Hockey Backpack

However, I must be honest with you. You just cannot go along with any random backpack, even if it is large enough to accommodate everything. There are certain models out there created for field hockey. They have the optimal compartments and they keep your stuff together.

It took me a while to find the best field hockey backpack, but a little research will work wonders. You need to know what to look for, but you should also check the top-rated products out there. When thousands of people use them, there must be something good about them, right?

What to look for in field hockey backpacks

There are plenty of options to choose from. Most importantly, you have to make this purchase with your personal needs in mind. You can find simplistic stick holders with straps for shoulders or a proper backpack that can take all the equipment you need.

How many sticks do you have?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself. You could not buy a basic holder if you got 10 sticks to carry around. As a general rule of thumb, you should also consider your future needs. You might invest in better sticks with time, so it is always wise to get a bigger size than what you need. This way, you have some flexibility for further expansion.

How about other equipment?

Field hockey is not all about sticks. You obviously need more than that to fully enjoy the game. In other words, finding the best field hockey backpack involves getting a unit that can accommodate everything. Some people use special shoes for this sport, while others take protection even further with shin pads or particular socks. Think about the balls you need too.

Think about the overall construction

Apart from the space and size, you will have to consider the quality of a backpack too. Think about the material. Is it solid? Durable? Waterproof maybe? How about the interior? You want everything to be organized. You do not need balls banging against sticks or crushing your shoes, do you? A few mesh pockets would be excellent then. Have you thought about the straps? Do you want them padded? Double? Single? All these details might seem small, but they do make the difference over time.

Now, what are the best-rated backpacks on the market?

Top 6 Field Hockey Backpacks

Athletico Youth Field Hockey Bag

Made from 100% polyester and available in black or blue, Athletico’s best field hockey backpack comes in a large size to fit most of your equipment. It can easily take a couple of sticks in any size, a helmet, pads for all joints, gloves, goggles, balls and so on.

While originally designed for lacrosse, it is just as handy for other similar sports. You can use it for football or basketball, not to mention field hockey. It is spacious and can take lots of stuff.

It has a few stick holders, vented compartments, an external helmet holder, ergonomic straps and a breathable padded back. Apart from the straps, it features a hip belt for stability and comfort too.


  • Large and space-efficient
  • Lots of storage features
  • Comfortable to wear, even when full
  • Designed to last


  • Stick holders seem a bit flimsy

Harrow Elite Field Hockey Backpack

Harrow’s best field hockey backpack is also suitable for other sports, such as lacrosse. It is spacious, but quite efficient, measuring 12x11x18 inches. It is available in over 10 colour combinations – something for everyone.

On the inside, you have three large compartments to organize your equipment efficiently. As for the outside, you have a stick holder on each side. The back is cushioned, so it feels comfortable too.

In terms of durability, you can count on 600 denier fabric. Besides, all straps are reinforced, so no matter how heavy your backpack gets, you can always count on good support.


  • Durable construction
  • Good internal organization
  • Plenty of color combinations
  • Padded back for extra comfort


  • Can only hold a couple of sticks

Athletico Lacrosse Bag

Athletico is one of the top manufacturers in this industry and its products will never disappoint. I started using this backpack when we expanded our equipment. It is the XXL size, which means it can fit a few sticks, helmets, pads, shoes, socks, cleats – you name it and I will find room for it.

While we mostly use it for field hockey, we also take it out on camping trips due to its efficient organization. You have a vented compartment, a few holders on the outside and proper compartments on the inside.

The backpack is entirely made of polyester. The back is breathable and the straps are padded, so I find it comfortable too.


  • Built to last
  • Suitable for all kinds of sports or activities
  • Lots of compartments for an easy organization
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Might seem too large or heavy for a child

Harrow Stick Pass-Through Havoc Backpack

This field hockey backpack from Harrow is excellent for all kinds of activities, as well as similar sports like lacrosse. It is available in six color combinations. Given its size – 13x10x19 inches, it is excellent for camping trips too. It will not feel too heavy, not even when full.

The inside organization is flawless, so you will never have to find stuff at the bottom. You have three important compartments – quite large, as well as three smaller alternatives. There are various holders on the outside as well.

Sticks can be taken on the outside due to some passes for easy carrying. The back is cushioned and comfortable, not to mention the straps. Overall, it does not look huge, but as I started filling it up, I was impressed with its capacity.


  • Lots of nice colors to choose from
  • Compact, but extremely spacious
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments for a good organization
  • Comfortable


  • Stick holder feels a bit too wide

GRAYS Field Hockey Backpack

GRAYS is a pretty common name in this industry. I bought other accessories and I was quite happy, so I used this backpack in my early months in field hockey. It only comes in one colour combo – grey and green. It is not my favourite, but I put quality first. This thing will last forever.

It is made of sturdy nylon. It comes with multiple straps around the shoulders, back and waist. They are all adjustable and padded for comfort. Other than that, you have lots of compartments everywhere – your phone, sticks, equipment and so on.

The backpack measures 20x10x8.5 inches and once full, it is quite voluminous. Given the multiple straps, it is still comfortable.


  • Lots of compartments
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Compact and efficient in organization
  • Padded and comfortable


  • Can only take a few sticks

Throwback Gametime Pack XL

The best field hockey backpack from Throwback Sports comes with pockets everywhere. Apart from the main compartments and the separate shoe compartment, you have five smaller options for all kinds of things – socks, phones, keys, wallets and so on.

I liked the loops to hold field hockey sticks. Plus, I enjoyed using it for other sports too – separate racket holders if you want to try out tennis. In my opinion, this is a multi-sport backpack and not just a field hockey unit.

If you cannot find room to store it, just hang it using the heavy-duty plastic hook. Plus, one of the side pockets is insulated and can keep your drinks cool.


  • Perfect organization in compartments and pockets
  • Great for all kinds of sports
  • Insulated pocket to keep drinks cool
  • Separate shoe compartment to keep everything else clean


  • Bottles tend to fall sideways – not a good idea if you have a straw

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, deciding on the best field hockey backpack can be a bit tricky. As you can tell, most backpacks have similar features. In my opinion, the size is the main thing that matters – of course, you want it to look good too. But generally, if it can fit everything and it still has a bit of room, you can go for it.​

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