Best Dita Field Hockey Sticks – Top 5 Products Reviewed

With so many options available on the market, choosing a field hockey stick looks like a challenging experience. You will find sticks that cost three or five times more than others, yet they seem similar in features and quality standards.

The truth is buying a stick is just like buying any other piece of equipment. You need to do your homework, spend some time researching your options and make a final decision with your personal needs in mind. Moreover, I suggest going with one of the top brands and I will explain why.

First, you got quality. Second, these big brands have the funds to conduct proper research and help you achieve your best game. Third, they provide a good service. Fourth, you can get in touch with them if something went wrong.

Best Dita Field Hockey Sticks
Best Dita Field Hockey Sticks

While not the most famous manufacturer in the world, Dita has built a good reputation due to sticking to what really matters. Therefore, the best Dita field hockey sticks come with high-quality standards and no random bells and whistles.

Now, before going through my best Dita field hockey sticks, make sure you know what to look for before making a final decision.

What to look for in Dita field hockey sticks

This one is obvious already – the length. You need to choose the stick with length in mind, which is directly proportional with your height. While most manufacturers provide sizing guides for field hockey sticks, there is one general rule that applies to pretty much everyone – your stick should reach the top part of your hipbone.

When it comes to materials, you have four major options and each of them has its pros and cons. Carbon is preferred by professionals, but it is often mixed with materials like fibreglass and aramid for better skills and flexibility. As for wood, it is often recommended to beginners, but experienced players may also rely on it at times.

Now, here is one aspect that newbies often overlook – the bow.


The bow is the bend that goes from the handle all the way to the toe. It varies widely between 20mm and 25mm. This is the maximum size in quality field hockey sticks. Your choice should be based on skill level, personal preferences and age.

To help you understand its importance, let me tell you that the more bend you have in a stick, the easier it is to come up with certain shots – lifted shots, drag flicks and even aerials. On the other hand, the less bow you have, the more control you get. Besides, you do not want to accidentally lift the hockey ball, do you?

Again, you need to consider your skill, gaming style and preferences.

The regular bow measures 20mm. It is the standard size. The highest point is right in the middle of the stick, so it is well balanced. It is suitable for most players. You get good ball control, but you can also perform some interesting tricks.

On the other hand, the mega bow is rated at 24.75mm. The bend is closer to the toe, rather than the handle. You have more power if you want to lift the ball. This option is good for those who like drag flicks too. The option is more suitable for experienced players.

Finally, the low bow – rated at 25mm – is closer to the head. It is a good option for elite players with years of experience. They get a plus in controlling the ball, but they can also lift it with no issues at all – great for drag flicks and aerials too.

Now that you understand what the bow means, here are the best Dita field hockey sticks based on personal experience and lots of research.

Quick Overview: Dita Field Hockey Sticks

Dita Exa X700 Nrt Carbon Composite Field Hockey Stick

This is one of the most technical and best Dita field hockey sticks. It is mostly based on carbon, so it is extremely stiff and will provide lots of power and strength. Impact resistance is also boosted due to reinforcing impact areas. Moreover, carbon is quite lightweight and comes with a great feel.

The stick is only available in one design – black and mango combo. It features a J shaped head and an XL curve bending. The bow is set at 25mm. It is available in two sizes – 36.5” and 37.5”. In other words, it is not the best option for short players or kids.

What I truly liked about the Exa X700 model was the premium build and its high-end features at a cost-efficient rate.


  • Great value for money
  • Stiffness and control
  • Feels great
  • Increased impact resistance


  • Only one style and just a couple of sizes

Dita Exa 700 Nrt Composite Field Hockey Stick

There are more things that will impress you regarding the Exa 700 model. If you want a great feel and a major upgrade from other sticks, this is one of the best Dita field hockey sticks out there. Its lightweight profile drew my attention straight away – it feels different. It feels like you are holding nothing.

The lightweight profile makes control a breeze. Ball handling is so simple that you feel like a pro. Moreover, it is mostly based on carbon, hence the lightweight profile. But carbon is also stiff, so despite feeling fragile, it is extremely powerful.

The bow is rated at 25mm. It comes in one size – 36.5” – and one design – red, blue and yellow. The package includes a free carry bag.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Improved ball control and handling
  • Free carry bag included
  • Powerful


  • No other sizes and colours

Dita Compo Tec C60 23 Mm

There is something interesting about Compo Tec C60. Given its features, I automatically assumed it is designed for elite players. But as you dig deeper, you will spot many aspects suitable for beginners as well. It will definitely improve one’s game overnight.

Simply put, it has a J shaped head and weighs close to nothing. It is made of Japanese carbon – 60% – and other materials. It is not just lightweight, but also stiff and powerful. Then, it is infused with bio-resin for extra performance.

Now, with a mid bow at 23mm, it seems quite alright for beginners too. It is easy to dribble and feels soft. I used it while still an amateur and I must say I was impressed.


  • Premium features for both elite and beginner players
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Not the most attractive colour style

Dita Tiger Eye USA

I find the Tiger Eye USA hard to describe because it does pretty much everything. It is one of the best Dita field hockey sticks I have ever used. I would say it is more powerful than average, great on hits and superb for tricks, aerials and lifts.

Manoeuvrability will never be an issue because of the large bend – XL curve, 25mm. The J shaped head helps as well. It weighs 20 ounces and has a balance point of 56cm. Given its attributes, it is a common choice among defensive players, but it can be used anywhere with a little experience.

It is made of carbon (35%), fibreglass (55%) and aramid (10%).


  • Good in any position
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Lots of power
  • Good for lifts and aerials


  • Best for defensive players, not as efficient for other positions

Dita Giga Red Plaid USA

Featuring an impressive bend and medium weight, the Giga Red Plaid USA stick is excellent for all kinds of lifted shots and tricks. It sounds like it was created for pros, but no – I used it as a beginner and it feels great. In fact, it is highly recommended to newbies who want to refine their skills.

The stick works wonders in any position, but it is more commonly used by attackers. It has a 25mm bowl and a J shaped head. It is made of carbon (20%), fibreglass (70%) and aramid (10%). You can tell it was created with newbies in mind by the low percentage of carbon.

Other than that, the stick comes in more sizes, so your height is irrelevant.


  • Excellent for attackers
  • Good balance
  • Nonslip handle
  • Great for lifts


  • Elite players may not find it too useful


As a short final conclusion, I am pretty sure about it – these are the best Dita field hockey sticks on the market. Sure, you will find other models from the prestigious manufacturer too, but they are less likely to provide as much balance as these ones.

And when I say balance, I do not mean physical balance, but a perfect balance in features and technologies. In other words, most of these sticks can be used by both experts and beginners. Just make sure you count your personal needs too.

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