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Best Adidas Field Hockey Sticks – Learn From The Pros!


Finding The Best Adidas Field Hockey Sticks – Comprehensive Guide & Top Rated Sticks Reviewed

Field hockey may not be the most popular sport in the world, but it is definitely gaining more and more notoriety. It takes a few games to get its basics and fall in love with it. Once you get there, you will inevitably want to invest more time and money on it.

While you can play field hockey without all kinds of fancy accessories, there are a few things that you cannot go ahead without. From this point of view, hockey sticks might be the first things to pay attention to in the attempt to become a better player.

You can find cheap and nameless products, as well as sophisticated sticks coming from reputable companies. I have tried all kinds of models. I obviously started with the no-name sticks that would last for a few months. I have also tried the really expensive alternatives – not always worth the money.

Based on my personal experience, I recommend a good middle option – not the priciest option, but in the top middle range. Other than that, I recommend a manufacturer with experience and a good reputation in sports equipment. I tried a few different sticks from Adidas and all I can say is – wow!

Now, what are the best Adidas field hockey sticks and what makes them so special?

What to look for in Adidas field hockey sticks

There are plenty of different sticks produced by Adidas. Choosing the right one can be quite challenging, especially if you have no clue what you need. While most beginners start with poor quality sticks (they are not sure whether or not they will like the game), I recommend getting a good one upfront. Otherwise, you are less likely to enjoy the game and you will quit it before you get to fall in love with it.

There are more things to take in consideration when about to buy a stick. Finding the best Adidas field hockey sticks also depends on the position you play. Goalies require some special sticks. As for field players, there are two major considerations in the process. One of them is the actual length and the other one is the weight.


If your stick does not have the right size, you will fail at executing skills. You will barely be able to touch or hit the ball, not to mention how uncomfortable it is to do it with the wrong stick. As a general rule of thumb, the stick should not be taller than the superior part of your hipbone. Of course, personal preferences are just as important. But generally, a short stick will have you duck to hit the ball, while a really tall one will lose power due to the hitting angle.

The best Adidas field hockey sticks range between 24 and 38 inches in length. Here is a brief guide on what length you need based on your height:

  • Under 3’5 – 24”
  • 3’6”-3’7” – 26”
  • 3’7”-4′ – 28”
  • 4’1”-4’3” – 30”
  • 4’4”-4’6” – 32”
  • 4’7”-5” – 34”
  • 5’1”-5’3” – 35”
  • 5’4”-5’6” – 36”
  • 5’7”-5’9” – 37”
  • Over 5’10” – 38”


When it comes to the actual weight, most sticks are 535g to 680g in weight, with slight variations. Again, personal preferences are quite important. If you are an avid attacker, you might want a lightweight stick. It will give you some speed and let you perform more skills.

Heavy sticks are mostly recommended to defensive players. Basically, they give you some extra strength when clearing balls, but also some distance when passing.

Now that you know the most important things to consider, what are the best Adidas field hockey sticks on the market and why?

Top 5 Adidas Field Hockey Sticks

Adidas CB Compo Indoor Field Hockey Stick

adidas CB Compo Indoor Field Hockey Stick
  • 100% Fiberglass
  • Standard head with flat toe for improved dribbling
  • Polyurethane grip tape for non-slip action
  • Reinforced main impact areas for long lasting durability
  • Xtreme 24 bow

Mostly created for indoor surfaces, this stick might be one of the best Adidas field hockey sticks if you want a lightweight profile. I found it extremely easy to dribble. It is entirely made of fiberglass, but it also comes with a standard head and a flat toe – mandatory requirements for avid attackers.

I know what you think – fiberglass can be slippery. Well, this stick features a polyurethane grip tape. Not only does it give you some stability without having to hold it too tightly, but the stick will stay stable even if your hands are sweaty.

Other than that, the main impact areas are reinforced. I found the stick to be quite durable. I switched to another one after a year because I wanted something new. It had nothing to do with the quality of the stick.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy to dribble due to its design
  • Main impact areas are reinforced
  • Nonslip handle


  • Does not come in too many sizes

Adidas LX24 Compo 6 Field Hockey Stick

adidas LX24 Compo 6 Field Hockey Stick
  • 95% Fiberglass, 5% Others
  • Pure control head shape to provide ultimate control in all situations.
  • Enhanced surface area from classical head shapes.
  • 3d geometry trapezoid stick shape enhances stick strength and creates a unique adidas aesthetic.
  • Mid bow

I will be honest with you – I chose this stick for the design. I am a big fan of clean, black and white combos. However, I knew it had the right features to enhance my game as well. It is made of fiberglass (95%) and other materials.

The shape of the head is one of the most impressive elements. It has a slightly different design to ensure the ball does not get away from you. Control is literally flawless. It makes no difference if you attack or you play in defense.

Other than that, the surface area of the head is a bit wider than in other similar sticks. As for the stick shape, it has a trapezoid design for strength. It comes with a mid bow and is available in a few different sizes.


  • Lots of control in any situation
  • Enhanced surface area
  • Extra strength
  • Beautiful design


  • No other designs or styles

Adidas V24 Carbon Composite Field Hockey Stick

Available in a blue and yellow combo and just a few different sizes, I think this is one of the best Adidas field hockey sticks if you want a unique feeling and confidence. It is mostly made of carbon composite, which means it has a unique feeling as you play.

The stick is also lightweight and responsive, so you have some forgiving if you are new and you make mistakes. It is durable and comes with a polyurethane grip tape on the handle – stable even if your hands got sweaty.

Other than that, the shape of the head is improved for better control, whether you receive or pass the ball.


  • Feels differently
  • Lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Nonslip handle


  • Not too many design options available

Adidas V24 Compo 4 Composite Field Hockey Stick

adidas V24 Compo 4 Composite Field Hockey Stick
  • 20% Carbon, 75% Fiberglass, 5% Other
  • Mainly fiberglass construction for a softer touch and more control when receiving the ball
  • Hook head shape offers a larger sweet spot for easier receiving and provides optimal ball control
  • Polyurethane grip tape for a better grip on your stick
  • Point of maximum bow from bottom: 300mm

Part of a larger collection of superior field hockey sticks, this model is 20% carbon and 75% fiberglass. The rest is a mix of other materials. Simply put, it is lightweight and likely to face the test of time. The fiberglass composition allows a soft touch and lots of control.

Control is also improved by the head shape. If you compare it to other sticks, it is slightly different – the sweet spot is wider, meaning you get extra control when someone passes to you. The point of the maximum bow is set at 300mm.

As for the handle, it is covered in a polyurethane tape, meaning it is less likely to slip, even if your hands are wet.


  • Solid and durable design
  • Forgiving
  • Easy control
  • Nonslip handle


  • Comes in a few sizes only

Adidas DF24 Compo 6 Field Hockey Stick

Adidas DF24 Compo 6 Field Hockey Stick
  • Reinforced main impact areas for durability
  • Polyurethane grip tape for a better grip on your stick
  • Point of maximum bow from bottom: 300mm
  • 95% Fiberglass, 5% Other

Available in more sizes for everyone, it might be hard to resist this design if you are a lady. The white and pale pink combo is beautiful and likely to impress. It worked for me. Now, let us get to the actual features that make this option one of the best Adidas field hockey sticks.

The head shape is somewhat proprietary to Adidas, which has designed multiple collections with an improved shape. What does it do? Simple – lots of control. Really, I could tell the difference from other sticks straight away.

The stick is mostly made of fiberglass. It is lightweight and durable. It has an interesting stick shape (trapezoid) for control and features a grip tape on the handle for stability.


  • Beautiful design
  • Unique stick shape
  • Improved head shape for control
  • Durable and lightweight


  • While good, it feels a bit too feminine for a man


As a short final conclusion, browsing the best Adidas field hockey sticks will definitely open the door to some interesting innovations. I was drawn by Adidas because it came with some changes in the shape of its sticks, as well as the heads. These sticks make it easy to control and will work wonders on your skill, whether you are a complete newbie or more experienced.

Which one is best for you? It is up to you to decide! You can also check out our top 5 best field hockey stick brands guide!


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